Commercial Services

A professional image is everything. Your Business has numerous areas that require special attention on regular basis. For companies of all sizes, Old Peg Furniture Services provides on-site repair, touch-up, restoration of furniture, cabinets, built-ins, woodwork and wood paneling.

Old Peg is serving Businesses, Hotels and Institutions by offering the following services:

  • Full Interior Touch-up / Image Enhancement & Maintenance
  • Hotel Furniture Touch-up & Maintenance
  • Lobby Furniture Maintenance
  • Office Furniture Maintenance
  • Elevator Wood Interior Touch-up and Repair
  • Molding, Trim Work and Baseboard Touch-up
  • Cabinet and Door Touch-up
  • Stairs, Rails, Banister and Mantle Touch-up and Restoration
  • Finish Enhancement
  • Furniture Polish & Waxing
  • Hardwood Floor Scratch Repair
  • Entry Door Restoration and Refinishing
  • Ornamental Replacement & Woodcarving
  • Veneer Restoration and Replacement