Moving Damage Claims and Repairs

We will handle your moving damage claims and be your eyes and ears. Let us help you with the balancing act of keeping everyone happy with the least possible expense. All transit-related damages and claims will be handled at the most professional level possible for you and the customer.

You have moved and you have moving damage. You may be asked to provide a written damage report from a reputable furniture repair shop. This is where we come in. We provide professional written estimates of your moving damage claim which you can submit to your mover or claims adjuster. It’s simple, convenient and best priced in the Central New York. When you choose to do the work with us, we will credit you the report fee back toward the repairs when you do all the work on the report!

Email us or call today: 315-450-0200. 

Old Peg craftsmen will travel to accommodate your special case and repair needs from our base in Syracuse, NY. In general, we can cover claims from Buffalo, NY to Albany, NY, a 150-mile radius. Click here for our service area map. Please contact us for a price per mile schedule if you would like to set up with us as your service provider.