A super job on our Kitchen cabinet repair. It was a great experience from the estimate to the re-installation. Superb Customer Service! Bob T. Camillus NY July 2, 2017

Has your kitchen seen better days? Wear and tear, scratches, grease and water stains, missing color and finish, outdated hardware and so on... sounds familiar? Before replacing your kitchen, call us first, chances are we can save your kitchen and most importantly your money. Don't replace your kitchen, restore it! Replacing your kitchen will be costly and its a big time consuming construction project. With our service you wont even have to remove the contents from the cabinets! We turn back time on your kitchen or you can look at it as a makeover for your kitchen. Our solutions have a proven track record with homeowners and investors who want to save time and money. Old Peg Furniture Services is a local, family owned business with over 50 years of combined experience. We provide restoration as well as painting of your kitchen cabinets. Our kitchen restoration and painting services are available in Syracuse as well as surrounding Central New York.  


This oak kitchen is still in solid shape however you can see finish damage where dirt and grime fused with finish over time (1) and because there were no pulls (hardware) the tops of doors have finish rubbed off (2). Only the doors and drawers came it to the shop and the cabinet bases were restored on-site. After deep (proprietary) finish cleaning, color matching/enhancement, finish and sheen restoration and new hardware, we were able to save this kitchen and give it another 15-20 years of service for the homeowner!

This is an example of grease fire. You can see the soot on the ceiling (1) as well as in the oak grain pores (2). This oak kitchen can be saved! The goal is to remove the soot from the pores of wood grain and restore the kitchen color, finish and sheen. In this example, the cabinets had to be removed to take care of the walls and ceiling as well.

The customer had a custom island built but wanted the island to match perfectly to the kitchen table (2) We were able to match and blend the color even though the wood panels were light and dark (1) This finish of the island was done on-site.

The picture below shows a kitchen that is about 25+ years old and it has finish damage (#1) on the drawer, scratches (#2) and damage to the toe kick (#3). It is also possible to replace the quarter round because it also gets the most abuse over the years. We can custom match the color and you would never know that it has been replaced. You might also notice that the tops of doors and drawers accumulated grease and dirt over the years and it needs to be removed and restored. All this damage can be reversed and repaired by Old Peg craftsmen.



In this example we see an ugly water damage spot on a side of an end cabinet. Some homeowners live for years with such damage thinking that they can’t afford to replace the kitchen. Well, you don’t have to replace the kitchen, just give us a call and we will make it as good as new for a fraction of the cost.


This picture of a drawer has a lot of damage. Over the years; dirt, grease and grime accumulates and you are faced with a kitchen that you think you need to replace. In this example, the grease and dirt stayed on the finish and started to eat the finish away, so the top layer of the finish is damaged (#3s). You cannot clean away a damaged finish you can only make it worse because you are removing the sheen and it becomes dull in the spots that you were trying to clean. This example also shows what happens around pulls and handles when you remove them and see a ring (#2) or discoloration (#1). Let us help you to save your kitchen and keep your money!



This is a sample where due to moisture the finish has started to peel on the bottom of a door (#1). You can also see scratches on the door and face fame (#2&#3). Only an experienced professional can properly restore and match the color in this case.

Accidents happen. This burn mark is a real eye sore it can also disappear. You would never know that something was ever there. If you have one water spot or a burn, please give us a call. We know how frustrating it can be if something like this happens to your perfect kitchen. Remember we can also repair new finishes.


The first step is to visit your kitchen to make sure it’s a good candidate for restoration. Kitchens that were previously painted, melamine (plastic covered), or particle board construction if damaged, need to be replaced rather than restored. In those cases its economically un-repairable meaning that it would cost more to restore then to replace with new kitchen. Our goal is to give you advice, and save you money by giving you a product that would serve you for many more years to come.

The Restoration Process begins with removal of the kitchen doors and drawers. We carefully mark and record each door and drawer to make sure they go in the same place after the restoration. Also you don’t need to take anything out of the cabinets only the drawers need to be emptied.

Next we take everything to our restoration studio and begin the restoration process. Due to our proprietary techniques and processes we do not disclose the detailed steps. Kitchens can be small or large we have the capacity to do any kitchen size. Kitchen prices are quoted on the number of cabinets, doors and drawers and or extra features that are needed to be done. The turnaround time for a kitchen is between 8-10 business days. We schedule a return trip at the day of removal. Below you can see a series of pictures of our craftsmen at work.

After the final process the finished doors are left to cure and will be ready for delivery the next day. We may use the original hardware or new hardware may be used to put up the kitchen for no extra charge as long as the holes for the screws match and there is no “old print” visible. If we need to remove the old print, it will be an extra cost.

Above you can see the difference after our Restoration Process. This drawer has been restored to its original luster. Below is a photo of a kitchen after we have removed the kitchen doors and drawers. As you can see you don’t have to remove the contents of your cabinets in order for us to work on your kitchen. Notice the towels hanging on the cabinets’ side next to the window. Because of the moisture, the cabinet side had water damage that was a real eyesore. Below you will find a before and after picture of the side cabinet restored.

The next time you see us is when we come back with your kitchen doors and drawers. Before we install everything back, we restore your face frames, sides and crowns. This process usually takes a good part of the day. When we are finished your kitchen looks amazing and once again alive!

If you are looking for a chance to save money, you need to look into our Kitchen Restoration Services. You will avoid a big expense and save about 80% off from the cost of a new kitchen. If you have wooden cabinets with an original finish, please give us a call and see what Old Peg Furniture Services can do for you, don’t delay call today 315-450-0200